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    How to Survive Third Grade

    The most popular third grader at Lincoln School is certainly NOT Ernest Clark. He is small? His mother gives him weird haircuts? He has no friends. Then Jomo Mugwana arrives from Kenya. Jomo does not speak English but he likes Ernest and after a few months the two become friends. The school has a balloon send. Each student attached a card, with their name and address, onto their balloon and on one day the balloons were sent off. When Ernest finds out how far his balloon travels he worries about his classmates taunting and how he will ever survive third grade.

    Reviews and Comments

    Winner of the 1991 Kansas City KC3 Reading Award

    "Although there's no official document to the effect, Ernest is unquestionably the class outcast.... It's the peer dynamics, the lonely protagonist, and the natural easy-to-read style that works well here." -- Recommended, The Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

    Winner of he 1991 KC3 Reading Award, Greater Kansas City Association of School Librarians

    How to Survive the Third Grade. (1988) Illustrated by Joyce Audy Zarins. Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN: 0807534331; (1990) paperback Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 0671677136. 79 pg. Fiction.

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