Books: in your library

    Some of Lawlor's earlier books are no longer available for purchase directly from the publisher. Publishers must make room on their backlist (catalog) for newly released titles and thus, even though a title might be a favorite with readers the publisher is not able to keep the book in print. That does not mean however, that the books are not available to read and share. Your local library is one of the best places to go to find books that are no longer available from the publisher or general retail book stores. If you want to purchase a book that can not be obtained from the publisher you might check used book stores or "out-of-print" dealers. The WWW has made it very easy to check throughout the United States for a specific book. Marylaine Block has mounted a great page of advice for finding out-of-print books on her Bookbyte webpage.

    Finding Out-of-Print Books

    • First step: Check your local public or school library.

    • If you want to purchase the book, check an excellent out-of-print resource.

Books for Reading

The Real Johnny Appleseed

    More legends than facts are generally known about Johnny Appleseed. This book begins with the birth of John Chapman and gives the facts about this American hero. He led a fascinating life and experienced first-hand the birth and westward movement of our country. An excellent biography for children. -- Parent's Council (Biography)

    "In the fall of 1774 the man who would become known as Johnny Appleseed was born in Leominister, Massachusetts. John Chapman may not have been the man of legend, but his is a remarkable story nonetheless. Laurie Lawlor uses land records, census data, and local histories to tell Johnny Appleseed's true story.

    The Real Johnny Appleseed. Illustrated by Mary Thompson. (1995) Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN 0807569097. 63 pg. Biography.

Shadow Catcher: The Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis

    Edward S. Curtis spent thirty years photographing Native Americans. Shadow Catcher traces Curtis's life and work from his boyhood in Wisconsin to his first photo exhibition to Alaska in 1897 and the compilation of his 1930 collection of photos, The North American Indian, to his death in 1952.

    "More than a reference and more than a biography of Curtis, this carefully researched, highly readable book emphasizes the photographer's perseverance and quest for quality and can serve as a model for young people." -- Starred review. School Library Journal

    "The sepia reproductions of [Curtis's] photographs are as eloquent as Lawlor's well-written text." -- The Horn Book

    The handsome book, printed on fine, sepia-toned paper, is well worth having." -- Booklist

    "The exceptional quality of this photographic work is a tribute to the man and his vision and will serve to acquaint another generation of Americans with his work." -- VOYA

    "A magnificent biography indeed, chronicling the early 20th century photographer's quest to document Native American culture." -- Smithsonian

    Northwestern's collection of 2226 photographic illustrations created by Curtis is now online on the Library of Congress's National Digital Library.

    Golden Kite Honor Book for nonfiction. (1994) -- Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

    Hungry Mind Review 995 Children's Book of Distinction Award.

    Carl Sandburg Award for children's Literature, 1995

    Shadow Catcher: The Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis. (1994) Walker. ISBN: 082782884 hardback; 0802782892 lib bdg. 132 pg. Biography.

Second-Grade Dog

    Bones is a mutt with kind but busy owners. When he gets lonely Bones visits the local school and the second grade. When Bones is discovered he does go home but now has prospects for some after school fun with his new friends. Cartoonlike illustrations. Betsy Hearne at the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books said "One of those happy hits with built-in child appeal. . . . Exuberant pencil and paint illustrations cartoon the action with compositional flair, extending the spoof on grown-ups in general and officials in particular with colorful aplomb."

    Second-Grade Dog. Illustrated by Gioia Fiammenghi. (1990) Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN: 0807572802 lib bdg. 40 pg. Picture Book/Fiction.

Come Away With Me

    Even a girl with as much pluck and imagination as Madeline "Moe" McDonohugh can't drum up much excitement in her small town. But then the gypsies come to town and Moe looks to them as a means of seeing the world.

    Just as she is planning to run away, her mother's glamorous cousins, Lettie and Lulu come to visit. Moe's plans for seeing the world shifts to Lettie and Lulu and she hopes that they might take her away -- that is until she discovers Lettie's terrible but fascinating secret.

    Moe's adventure and window on the world finally comes, however, when Father purchases a Ford Model T, the first in town. Moe is about to enter the biggest adventure of her life. (Heartland Trilogy)
    "A dreamer with an infectious sense of humor, 12-year-old Moe is he likable heroine of this first volume in the promising Heartland Series...a fresh and funny novel." -- Publishers Weekly

    Come Away With Me. Illustrated by Jane Kendall. (1996) Minstrel Books. ISBN: 0671537164. Historical Fiction.

Take to the Sky

    Moe, from Come Away With Me dreams of flying like the sky diver who performed on the Fourth of July. But Madeline wants a plane of her own. Her best friend, Otto Price, thinks so too. By the next July 4th they dream of being in the air and performing as the crowd cheers. All they need is money to build the plane.

    They decide to have a medicine show but their "Elixir of Youth" is a dismal failure. Instead of making money they lose money even after helping a traveling photographer drum up business. Moe's mother is not too happy when she finds the pair taking lemonade (made with expensive sugar) to thirsty workers digging a new sewer line. To make amends the two friends must help Moe take inventory in his store and that's when Moe finds a tarantula in the bananas... and figures out the perfect way to fly. (Heartland Trilogy)

    Take to the Sky. Illustrated by Jane Kendall. (1996) Minstrel Books. ISBN: 0671537172. Historical Fiction

Luck Follows Me

    In 1910 Moe visits her Grandfather to view the return of Halley's comet, and amid dire predictions of fires, floods, earthquakes, all kinds of terrible things. She finds a new friend and a ghost in the attic. (Heartland Trilogy)

    Luck Follows Me. Illustrated by Jane Kendall. (1996) Minstrel Books; ISBN: 0671537180. Heartland Trilogy. Historical Fiction

Where Will This Shoe Take You?: A Walk Through the History of Footwear.

    School Library Journal said, "Lawlor begins this exceptionally well-designed and illustrated book by walking readers down the many paths of footwear history and leading them through the byways of societies and cultures in which shoes have played a significant role. She details the importance of footgear in work, play, fashion, myth and literature, and as symbols of authority and status. Each well-researched chapter is full of interesting facts ...."

    "An extensive and sometimes funky history of shoes -- the black-and-white drawings, photographs, and reproductions will interest readers." -- Kirkus Reviews

    "The book can obviously be used for costume history reference, but it also has value in discussions of cultural differences, economic development, and social movements." -- The Horn Book
    "This is a rich, in-depth study of a simple topic...Sketches and photos enhance the book throughout." -- Booklist

    "Everyone from Puss in Boots to Michael Jordan prances through this lively historical survey that's jam-packed with anecdotes...makes this an ideal resource for school libraries." -- Parenting
    "Because 'shoes tell stories' the author is able to assemble an interesting sampler of cross-cultural social history ranging from ancient Egypt to 20th-century China, from French peasant clogs to Air Jordans." -- The New York Times Book Review

    "Read this [book] and you'll never look at your old sneakers the same way again." -- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

    Finalist, Society of Midland Authors Nonfiction Award, 1997.

    Included in the Children's Book council's list of books: Not Just for Children Anymore! 162 Children's Books that Adults Will Enjoy and Buy for Themselves.

    Where Will This Shoe Take You?: A Walk Through the History of Footwear. (1996) Walker. ISBN: 0802784348 hardback; 0802784356 lib bdg. 132 pg. History (391).
The Worm Club

    Arthur, a third grader, dreams of being a member of the safety patrol. When the class bully befriends Arthur, he finds himself headed for trouble.

    The Worm Club. Illustrated by Anni Matsick. (1994) Minstrel Books; ISBN: 0671789007 Fiction