Take to the Sky

Book Description

Madeleine “Moe” McDo­nough, from Come Away With Me, dreams of fly­ing like the sky div­er who per­formed on the Fourth of July. But Made­line wants a plane of her own. Her best friend, Otto Price, thinks so too. By the next July 4th, they dream of being in the air and per­form­ing as the crowd cheers. All they need is mon­ey to build the plane.

They decide to have a med­i­cine show but their “Elixir of Youth” is a dis­mal fail­ure. Instead of mak­ing mon­ey, they lose mon­ey, even after help­ing a trav­el­ing pho­tog­ra­ph­er drum up busi­ness. Moe’s moth­er is not too hap­py when she finds the pair tak­ing lemon­ade (made with expen­sive sug­ar) to thirsty work­ers dig­ging a new sew­er line. To make amends, the two friends must help Moe take inven­to­ry in his store and that’s when Moe finds a taran­tu­la in the bananas… and fig­ures out the per­fect way to fly.

Take to the Sky

Heart­land Tril­o­gy, Book 2

writ­ten by Lau­rie Lawlor
illus­trat­ed by Jane Kendall
Simon & Schuster/Minstrel Books, 1996

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