Worm Club

Book Description

Arthur dreams of safe­ty patrol so that he’ll be important—not some­one the oth­er kids ignore.  With only week left of school, he must impress his new teacher so that she’ll nom­i­nate him for fourth-grade safe­ty patrol. But when the class bul­ly, Mar­tin, sud­den­ly befriends him, Arthur is head­ed for trou­ble. How can he get rid of Mar­tin and his yucky Worm Club before it’s too late? Arthur’s about to sur­prise him­self, doing some­thing he nev­er thought he could do.

The Worm Club

writ­ten by Lau­rie Lawlor
illus­trat­ed by Andi Mat­sick
Simon & Schuster/Minstrel Books, 1994

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